Friday, July 24, 2009

The President Is One Sly Dog

Senator Harry Reid announces that the passage of health care reform will not meet the President's dead line. And what do the Villagers want to talk about? The President's comments on the arrest of his friend, Henry Louis Gates.

Everyone knows the story by now so I won't waste your time telling it again. It's how all of this came to be that has me intrigued.

I watched Obama's press conference Wednesday night. Every question was on the health care legislation working it's way through congress. Except for the last one, the one about Gates. It was asked by Lynn Sweet a columnist for the Washington Bureau of the Chicago Sun-Times. She has been covering Mr. Obama since he entered politics in Chicago. When the President went to ask for the last question both Sweet and another journalist stood up and Obama called on the other journalist, but asked him to make it a quick one so he could get back to Sweet's question. He made a mistake, he was supposed to call on Sweet for the last question. And of course the last question seemed to come completely out of left field. From my perspective any way.

Maybe since Sweet has known Obama for so long she may have known that he and Gates are friends and that she knew he would make a comment on the situation. Or Obama has an idea that she would ask that question and he wanted it to make a statement about racial profiling. Or he knew, or was hoping, that his answer would send everyone into a non-stop tizzy over it.

Suddenly the fact that his health care legislation will be delayed until the fall doesn't seem to make much of a splash in the news.

Well played.


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