Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Don't Wanna

Feeling kinda blah so I haven't posted lately. It's the dog days of August here in Mississippi but I have to say the weather hasn't been as oppressive as usual this time of the year. So I really can't blame it on the weather.

Maybe it's the 'birthers, the tea baggers and the deathers that have me down. Watching everyone at their town hall meetings melt down into a bunch of old men in their front yards shouting "Get off my lawn!"

Most of the people I see ranting against the government look like they get a government check every month. I am willing to bet they have a Medicare card in their wallet too.

I am also willing to bet that they are all the same type of folks who say things like, " Everything was alright 'til the niggers moved in."

Just sayin'


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