Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh, Sarah! Say It Ain't So

Well, the Thrilla from Wasilla done up and quit her job as governor of Alaska. I guess she's got bigger fish to fry.

What's really rich is watching her defenders spin this, but the Rude Pundit puts them in their place:

"What's most depressingly predictable is the number of defenders she has among people not on her payroll. There's insanity abounding when you read or hear anyone contort themselves in order to justify all the time and effort they've put into attempting to make us believe that Sarah Palin is anything more than that fun one-night stand they keep texting over and over to see again. All of them just keep saying stupid shit that only the desperate speak. And none of it deserves any more of a response than a silent stare, wondering if the speaker is going to hurt themselves or others.

Over on MSNBC's Morning Starbucks, Mika Brzezinski, who always looks like she's just aching for a spanking, said yesterday that if Palin were a man, we wouldn't be judging her so harshly for resigning. She's wrong on that account, but she's right that we'd treat a man differently. We'd call him a "pussy." (Bonus points: Brzezinski declared that she's not a feminist.)"

I just can't help feeling that we dodged a bullet when McCain lost the last election. But I also feel that now that she is not held down by her job in Alaska she is free to spread the crazy all over the lower 48.


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