Friday, October 20, 2006

There Ain't Gonna Be No Election

With all of the bad news for Republicans we have seen this year and especially the last couple of months, I believe the October-November suprise will be the suspension of the election on November 7th.

Why do I believe that? Because the President will do anything to keep Congress from going to the Democratic Party. With subpoena power the majority party will hold hearings. Witnesses will be under oath as they brought before these committees.

Congress has been manipulated to get to this point in our nation's history. The final manipulation came with the passing of the Military Commissions Act. I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that Rove and his minions promised all the incumbents that if they voted for this heinous legislation, the GOP would pull out all the stops to see they they are rewarded with re-election.

What other choice does the president have but to find a way to stop the election until he can be guaranteed a GOP lead Congress? His back is against the wall and he knows it.

It's all very scarry. But it is Halloween.