Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am an unabashed supporter of Barack Obama for President. I could not wait to vote for him in the primary election here. He will make a very good President. He is the tonic this country needs after 8 years of the "W".

But ever since his victory here in the Magnolia state I noticed something coming out of media that I had not noticed before our primary. The MSM kept throwing up the graphic that Obama had won 91% of the African-American vote. All of a sudden everyone took notice that "the niggers are voting for Obama. OMG! Obama's black!" You knew right away what was going to happen. From Geraldene Fararow to the Rev. Wright controversy the knives have come out for Obama. His speach yesterday was brillant but it was for the grownups and here in the South grownups are in short supply.