Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Have Had It Up To Here

with the Today show. I have watched the today show since I was in junior high school. I always thought they were the best. From Barbara Walters to Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley. I even liked Bryant Gumbel and Kati Kuric. But since Matt Lauer showed up it has taken a turn for the worst. It gets worse every day.

Today who does Lauer ask about the stimulus bill and our new President? Karl Rove. Karl Fucking Rove! WTF? Who cares what that rat bastard has to say? Hasn't he and his beliefs been kicked to the curb by the last two election cycles? Why is he on the Today show? Lauer falls all over himself to get Republicans on his show. I wish he would just go over to Fox News so he can be with others like him.

That tears it! I will not watch the Today show ever again. CBS just keeps looking better and better to me.

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