Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Media Are Like Junior High School Kids

They jump from one "cool" thing to another. In the last presidential election they decided that Obama was the coolest. Now they are tired of him and want someone else they can anoint as the next "cool" candidate to take him out. They were just breathless over Donald Trump, then Michelle Bachman, then Rick Perry and let's not forget the last two weeks of (will he or will he not run) Chris Christy.

If you don't think the media isn't like a bunch of mean girls look at the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. They fell all over themselves covering the Tea Party that was bought and payed for with Koch brother money but the Occupy Wall Street folks are just a bunch of dirty hippies. Move along, nothing to see here.


PS: Do really think Roger Ailes and Fox News are going to get behind Mitt Romney for president? Who would generate more viewership for Fox,  a President Romney or a re-elected Obama? Money talks you know.

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