Sunday, August 01, 2010

Has It Been A Month?

Today is the first day of August or as we say here in the South, "the dog-days of August", even though we have been in high heat and humidity since I posted the first of last month.

I have been very busy working on "This Damned Old House". Just finished painting the exterior. I am currently sanding the old paint off of the front porch floor so I can stain it. I rented a floor sander that got 98% of it done but the remaining 2% has been a very slow process. I am hoping to get it ready for stain within the next few days.

The house looks great but now all I see when I look at it is the black stains on the roof. I have found that can be cleaned off with a combination of bleach and Tri-Sodium Phosphate. That is next on my agenda.

I'll post a picture when it is all complete.


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