Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've Got To Get Back To Work To Get Some Rest

I cleaned out the shed for the second time this year. It had gotten to the point that I had to climb over things to get what I needed out of there. Then I mowed the lawn, took a swim and went for a walk. That was Saturday.

Sunday my daughter's Volvo A/C quit. I worked on that all morning. Still haven't figured it out. The A/C is kicking in but the blower isn't coming on. Blower doesn't work on heat either. I'll get it eventually.

We are in the middle of having our house painted so today I took the front porch lights down. My wife painted them and I moved them to the back porch. We replaced those lights with ones my wife bought Saturday.

On inspection of the columns on the front porch I can see a lot of what looks like alligator or reticulating in the finish. So, I have started stripping them by use of a heat gun and scraper. I got one side of two columns done. There are 8 columns in all. This might take a while.


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