Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend At The Movies

As it was too hot this weekend to do anything outside,we took our grandson to see Transformers II. I have two words for it: Too Long. Make that three words: Too Damn Long. I guess you get your money's worth if you pay per explosion. The plot is rather thin but kids only want to see the robots fight anyway. Watching two dogs screwing (twice) and hearing all the bad language was a bit disconcerting as this was supposed to be a "kids" movie.

The other movie I saw (without my grandson) was The Hangover. It was good. It was funny, but not "Tropic Thunder" funny. I liked the way the film was structured. It was as much a mystery as a comedy. Ed Helms did a great job as the hen pecked dentist who has to lie to his girlfriend just to go off with the boys to Vegas. Hilarity ensued.

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