Friday, May 08, 2009

Random Thoughts

Not posting of late. Lots of stuff happening on the homefront.

Just a couple of rambling thoughts:

If it would just quit raining for a few days I can finish planting my vegetables.

Who gives a shit if the President likes spicy or Dijon mustard on his burger? I guess he should have used good old American "French's" mustard.

Since when does the loss of "only" 539,000 jobs seen as a good thing?

I want gays to get married. Misery loves company.

Fox news should change its name to the "We hate President Obama" channel.

I will be lost without Lost.

While on the subject of TeeVee, my favorite shows:

1. Lost - of course
2. Reaper - More people should watch this show. Ray Wise as the Devil. Funny.
3. Fringe - The X-Files on steriods.
4. Rescue Me - The best show on tv.
5. My Name is Earl - Rednecks and trailer park humor. What could be funnier?
6. 30 Rock - That's what could be funnier.
7. Big Bang Theory - Who would have thought geeks could crack me up?
8. Two and a Half Men - Jon Cryer is the new Jerry Lewis.

Give a holler to Monkeyfister and the Ornery Bastard. You'll be glad you did.


cathy said...

Hey I agree with pretty much everything here, except I don't watch Lost. But help us save Reaper at we've got Save Our Show ideas.

Bobby said...

I'll do just that.