Thursday, December 11, 2008

Union Busting GOP

With the auto industry needing help from the federal government, Congress and the White House have a compromise bill that has passed the the House that is now ready for the Senate. Now, in comes the Republican Senators standing shoulder to shoulder against it. They even stayed out of the negotiations so they could torpedo it. This is all political theater. They don't give a Tinker's Dam about the autoworkers. As a matter of fact, they see a clear opportunity to bust the UAW even though the union is working and has been working with management giving concessions year after year to keep the industry viable.

Senators Corker from Tennessee,the minority leader McConnell of Kentucky and Shelby of Alabama are the most vocal against helping the automakers. Why? I would guess it is because foreign automakers have plants in all of those states. If the American companies fail that means more business for their autoworkers. I believe this is a clear conflict of interest for these Senators. Why doesn't the news media ask them about this everytime I see them interviewed on the TV?

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Demeur said...

These GOP senators can't be the brightest bulbs in the lot. What they fail to realize is that the parts makers ( part of GM) also make all the parts for Honda , Toyota and the other plants in the south. Talk about shootin yourself in the foot.