Sunday, November 30, 2008


Living Room project is done as you can see...

Slept late today. 8:30, wow! Not like me to sleep past 7 but it is a rainy day here and there are no pressing chores that need to be done so why not.

Had a very pleasant Thanksgiving. Everyone was in a good mood and just seemed happy to be together for the holiday. My grandchildren just left for the trip back to Cabot, Arkansas. All is quiet in the house again.

We got the Christmas tree up. My wife has been decorating it for the past 2 days. This has to be done the day after Thanksgiving so the kids can help her. I got the outside lights up yesterday after chasing bad bulbs for 4 hours.

I did get the leaves from the front and side yards raked and up to the street. The city comes by and sucks them up so we don't have to bag. Love it. I still have the back yard to go but the weather is not cooperating today, so it looks as if that will have to wait until next weekend. So, I guess it's going to be a lazy Sunday.

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