Saturday, August 30, 2008

Totally Mavaricky

So after the glow of the most watched nomination acceptance speech in history, John McCain "zings" one to the punditry: Announcing his pick for VP, a greenhorn govenor from the 47th most populist state in the union. You can see the smirk on McCain's face as he watches her accept her role as his VP.

You know on this blog I like to quote John Cole. Here's what I believe is the reason for McCain's pick: "Really, the only way I think this helps the ticket is that the McCain campaign can now feign outrage over alleged sexist remarks at the same time they are on the fainting couches decrying some mythical slight to McCain’s honor."

This is the most cynical VP choice he could have used. Of course the MSM thinks his pick is his "roll of the dice", his maverickness manifest. God save us all.

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