Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Kind Of Milage You Get With That?

It's going on a month now since I started riding my bike to work. It has only been a mild inconvenience. It seems the benefits outweigh those.

I have been thinking about the price of gas, like most folks. People have come to the conclusion that even if the price moderates or comes down some, it will not ever get back down below $2 a gallon. It seems we as Americans never learn. We are pretty much in the same predicament we were in in the early '70s. Everyone is looking at fuel mileage, buying smaller cars, etc. Sure there are new cars that get good mileage or Hybrids or whatever. But that is just another market the car manufactures are going to exploit. Not everyone can just go out and buy a new car. What about all the cars out there already? Do we just abandon them? If they are already paid for you can at least be able to afford to put gas into them. And that's a lot of the problem with most people. They are paying (probably) a large car payment plus insurance on top of the fuel costs.

At least my two cars are paid for.

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