Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Head Spins

No matter how far down our president's approval rating goes, Congress' is always lower.

As Mark Twain said,"Congress, that grand benevolent asylum for the helpless..."

Much has been spun in the media about Congress' historically low ratings. The spin comes in when the low ratings are the fault of the Democratic majority. The talking heads in my TeeVee say it is because the legislative branch is spending too much time investigating and not passing legislation (doing the people's business they like to say).

This is false. We are pissed at Congress because they haven't done enough to stop our dear leader and his vice-president from gutting the Constitution, starting a war of aggression with a sovern country that did not attack us and are now in the midst of starting another war with Iran and/or Syria on no more pretext than the fact that they can.

Is there no person of integity who will stand up to these bullies? Or has this administration used it's power to spy on Americans to blackmail it's domestic and political enemies to keep them in check?

One has to wonder...

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