Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Be Goin'

I must confess that I have been a quasi-regular watcher of Imus in the Morning program since the run up to the war in Iraq. I became kind of intrigued by all the politicians, pundits and preachers that come on the show. But I could never figure out where the man was coming from.

But mostly I watched it so I could get good and pissed off to start my day. A lot of the time it was because of a remark that he makes. He really earned my wrath about 2 weeks ago when he made a snide comment about the Lucinda Williams a well known singer/songwriter. He said something like "boy, that Lucinda Williams looks like the kind of gal like that astronaut. You know who would drive across the country in a diaper and show up with a hammer and some rope...but I love her stuff"

Man, did I get hot! He didn't know her. How could he make such a statement? Well, it comes easy to him. He's mean.

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