Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh, Yea, Another Thing

President Bush's approval rating has a lot to do with the price of gasoline too. Most pundits say that the administration has nothing to do with gas prices. But the people of America see a president and a vice-president who come from the oil industry. And gas prices are higher than they have EVER paid for them. You can talk about adjusting for inflation and all that stuff you want. When we reach into our pockets to pay for that tank of gas, we are pulling out more MONEY! More than we paid last year. More than we paid the year before that. More than we paid the year before that. And on and on. When our wages don't keep up with those price increases, that is a net loss for us working class folks. There is just so much our net income to go around. Add to that the additional increases in the costs of home heating and electricity, you get a highly volatile mix of voter anger and resentment.

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